Selfcare & Selflove

I don´t know how long it´s been since I uploaded something on here, but I wanna give blogging another try. I hope you enjoy this "first" post (back) and will continue to follow me on my blogging journey.

                                                            Selfcare & Selflove

Honestly you probably read about a thousand articles about selfcare, but this one is gonna be a bit different. A while ago when I felt really low & anxious I created a list of 10-15 things I wanted to do to take care of myself and you know what? I never really followed this list. Maybe selfcare & selflove starts with not having a list. What do you think? Don´t get me wrong, I love to Do-lists & Co., but let´s think about it. We already have so many meetings, appointments or examens listed in our calender that it´s probably a good idea to not put more pressure on us by listing things for our down time.

So what is selfcare all about? It totally depends on you. It can be whatever you want it to be, whatever helps you unwind, recharge and feel more relaxed. You don´t necessarily need fancy candles, aroma oils or a bath caddy, you just need you. (Quick reminder: You are awesome just the way you are). Therefore I don´t want to write down  "the 10 best selfcare tips", but remind you that you need to do your individual selfcare whether it´s going for a run, cuddling dogs, sleeping the whole day, partying with friends, cooking or baking, watching Netflix...just do it and set yourself free from any selfcare expectations. That is also the part where selfcare and selflove go hand in hand. I think we often, maybe even subconsciously, adapt habits or do something influenced by other people´s moral & thinking and forget about what we really desire. Selfcare is to do what your heart desires and love yourself as you are.
With that said take care of yourself and have an awesome weekend.

Until next week,

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  1. Nice post about selfcare!