Selfcare & Selflove

I don´t know how long it´s been since I uploaded something on here, but I wanna give blogging another try. I hope you enjoy this "first" post (back) and will continue to follow me on my blogging journey.

                                                            Selfcare & Selflove

Honestly you probably read about a thousand articles about selfcare, but this one is gonna be a bit different. A while ago when I felt really low & anxious I created a list of 10-15 things I wanted to do to take care of myself and you know what? I never really followed this list. Maybe selfcare & selflove starts with not having a list. What do you think? Don´t get me wrong, I love to Do-lists & Co., but let´s think about it. We already have so many meetings, appointments or examens listed in our calender that it´s probably a good idea to not put more pressure on us by listing things for our down time.

So what is selfcare all about? It totally depends on you. It can be whatever you want it to be, whatever helps you unwind, recharge and feel more relaxed. You don´t necessarily need fancy candles, aroma oils or a bath caddy, you just need you. (Quick reminder: You are awesome just the way you are). Therefore I don´t want to write down  "the 10 best selfcare tips", but remind you that you need to do your individual selfcare whether it´s going for a run, cuddling dogs, sleeping the whole day, partying with friends, cooking or baking, watching Netflix...just do it and set yourself free from any selfcare expectations. That is also the part where selfcare and selflove go hand in hand. I think we often, maybe even subconsciously, adapt habits or do something influenced by other people´s moral & thinking and forget about what we really desire. Selfcare is to do what your heart desires and love yourself as you are.
With that said take care of yourself and have an awesome weekend.

Until next week,

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Distance doesn´t matter for friendship

I feel like everyone always moans about how hard long-distance relationships are, but never really about distance friendships. I can miss a good friend dearly if she or he lives far away, can´t I?

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Now a days, loads or maybe even most of my friends don´t live near me ( don´t worry, I also got some friends where I live, hahaha) and sometimes I just miss them. Sometimes I just want that particular friend here, but she lives hours away and I am not gonna meet her for another few weeks or months. It is a bit like being homesick. It sucks sometimes. We all study for different degrees at different universities. Nevertheless I believe in long-distance friendships and thinking your friendship is gonna break because of distance, to me, it is just stupid. Why should it?  I remember a friend writing in my travel diary a quote from  Winnie the pooh " Never apart, maybe in distance but Never by heart " and I think that is true for good friends, for boy- or girlfriends for family..
If you are making good friends while travelling, don´t be sad to leave them, instead make an effort to keep in touch and maybe plan future travels together. If you read my other posts, you know by now that I have very good friends who I met e.g. in Australia which was like almost 2 years ago. Since then we have been on various adventures together and our friendship is still going strong, but we live hours apart. If you go along time without seeing each other, just pick up the phone and give ´em a call or send around little postcards. I once send around little hearts to tell my friends how important they are for me even if they are miles away.;)
In this modern-age distance shouldn´t be an issue and on the bright side, you will always have an open door somewhere else in the world.

I hope this might bring a smile to your face, if you have a friend who lives far away from you. (Why not give him or her a call right now):)

Tough Twenties?

Do you remember your twenties? Or are in your twenties just right now? 

I decided to write this post because I realized a lot of people feel a bit lost or overwhelmed around that age like me, but that is okay. You will find your way. It is okay to take time to figure out what you actually want to do in life.

Most of us have been in school for the majority of our (pre-adult) life. Although sometimes (or maybe loads of times) we didn´t like school to much, it gave our day a structure. Besides that school takes quiet some time out of the day, it is a huge part of our life, for years and years, and all of a sudden it is over and you need to know what to do next. But how are you suppose to know? It can be hard, right?  Especially when it seems everyone else except you knows what to study, where to move, what job to look forward to.. If you are struggling with that, I totally understand. I get it. But I also know, you are not the only one feeling this way. Yes, there are people who know exactly what the want to study and what job field they want to work in since they are ten years old, but that´s most likely the minority. 

When I got out of school, I had a plan and I knew that I want to go to university and what I want to study… or at least I thought I knew. First of all, I went to Australia for a few months (check out my travel posts for that). It was an amazing time. You don´t have any commitments, no school anymore, you are basically free! I can only recommend to everyone, take a gap year or maybe even two, even if you seem to have found your dream job already. You gain valuable life experience, Travel can teach you a lot. It can help you to get to know yourself better and therefore figure out what is good for you, what you want in life. If you are not a big traveler or you just don´t want to be far away from home, there are other opportunities to take a gap year. You could do internships, volunteer or just get a student job to earn some money. You could even use the time to just go to your “local” university and listen to some courses. ( I am not sure if you can do this in every country for free, but it is worth checking.)

When I got back from Australia I applied for the universities I had chosen, but to be honest I wasn´t really sure anymore. In the end I didn´t get into the courses I wanted and I saw it as a sign and took another gap year, well actually half a gap year trying to figure out what to do. I went to London for two months which didn´t turn out to be right for me. I went back home and  mainly worked and then I found a new BA-program which seemed to combine all the subjects I am interested in.

So it took me almost 2 years to figure out what I am really interested in and what I want to do and I am not the only one around my friends who needed that time to find the right fit. It is totally normal and okay to take this time. Don´t let the society or anyone led you into thinking you have to make a decision the day you graduate, because you don´t. You decide when you make this decision and you know why? It is your life and no one else´s, remember that.

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Believe in yourself!