The Beach, Seagulls and a pier full of fun

I recently mad a day trip from London to…can you guess it? Brighton! Ok well it´s been a while now, but I didn’t have the chance to write about it yet. I loved it, it was like a perfect day out.

Brighton is a nice seaside town with a fun pier and loads of activities to do. After being “only “ in London for a few weeks, it felt good to get out of the big city and enjoy the beach. We made our way down on an early Sunday morning, so first thing we did in Brighton, get coffee and DumDum Donuts (they are deeelicious;)) With our donuts we went down to the beach. I love beaches, there is something very calming about them, don´t you think? The first time I came to Brighton I literally fell asleep at the beach, that´s how relaxing it is,hahaha. Unlike most beaches Brighton´s beach isn’t sandy which means you won´t have sand everywhere after a lay-down.

For lunch time you can find loads of cafes and little restaurants in the city. We went to a small burger place which was really affordable.  Besides the beach and the pier Brighton also has cute shops to look around in The Lanes or a shopping center with Primark....Basically everything you need without the hussel& bussel from London´s Oxford Street, plus of course the beach. ( Can you tell the beach is a big point for me?)

Before we headed back to London my friend and I took the time for a sunset walk on the beach and very important to take some pics..

Hope you all have a fab week!!



  1. This all looks lovely!
    I bet you were glad a seagull didn't try to steal your doughnut! If that was as yummy as it looked you must have been really happy!

    1. Oh Yes, that happened to me once, but fortunatly not this time;)