In the middle of nowhere

To continue my ramblings about the time I spent in Australia I thought I share with you all my experience in the Outback, sleeping under the stars in the middle of nowhere whilst I am now sitting on my desk in snowy Austria.

The Outback Tour was one of those tours I hadn´t planned on doing before I came to Australia. My plan was Sydney and then up the East Coast, but I am glad it turned out this way. I think it is good to give yourself the freedom to plan your trip loosely and make the rest up as you go.
I booked flights from Sydney to Alice Springs and a three day tour including a visit  to Uluru, Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyon just a few days in advance, as well as a night in Alice Springs before the tour because it started at around 5 am in the morning. Super early, I know...but let me tell you, the next two mornings started even earlier.
On the first day we made our way down to Uluru, also called Ayers Rock. Our guide told us about the aboriginal culture and we walked parts of the Base Walk around Uluru. It was very interesting and fun, but I honestly thought it would be even more impressive. Our guide also told us about loads of tourists climbing Ayers Rock which is absolutely forbidden in order to respect the local Aborigines. In my opinion respecting the "rules" from the locals, is the minim tourists should do.

Sadly the sunset was partially covered by clouds and as was the sunrise, but we still got up at 4am the next morning to be able to have breakfast in front of the Uluru while the sun rose.

Next on the agenda was Kata Tjuta and now that really impressed me. It looked like a landscape from a different world. Unbelievable! We walked thru the Nationalpark, took pictures and tried to soak in all the beauty of this place before driving the rest of the day. If you ever visit the Outback , be prepared for loads of driving. Remember it is in the middle of nowhere....

Both nights we slept outside in a swag which is like a huge sleeping bag. It was quiet an experience, but definitely a good one. It is a feeling of freedom to sleep under a sky full of stars and I really enjoyed it.

On the final day, we visited Kings Canyon. The walk around the Canyon took about 4 hours and it was as stunning as Kata Tjuta the day before, just a little bit more exhausting to walk up and down the Canyon.

Overall it was a very fun tour with some awesome people and a dinner night out in Alice Springs was the perfect ending to it. I can only recommend The Rock Tour.
Hope you all have a great weekend!!



  1. Sounds like a great experience!!!

  2. Wow! Those pictures are amazing and reminds me of pictures I've seen of the Grand Canyon. I do have a question for you, did you see snakes? I'm terrified of snakes and I would not want to sleep outdoors, that exposed.

    1. I can tell you I didn´t see a single snake in the Outback, but there are also options to sleep inside;)

  3. Some day I hope to visit Australia and the Outback for this very reason. I love the geological features and I bet the stars at night are amazing! I slept outside in the desert here in the States last year and hope to do it again next month. Maybe someday I'll get to see the places in your beautiful pictures in person!

    1. Wow, sleeping outside in the desert sounds like an amazing experience as well.Australia is stunning, you should visit for sure.

  4. It looks amaaaaazing despite all that driving! I'd love to see all those bright red rocks! :)