The unknown roadtrip

Taking the greyhound up the east coast was great and fun, but for the last bit we had planned something different. A friend of ours from back home, had decided to spend some time in Australia as well, so we all met up in Brisbane. Like a lot of backpackers, he had bought a no more coach rides from here on;)
Our plan was to camp somewhere else every night with three longer stops in between where we would stay in hostels. Now, us girls had never been camping before (a shame I know), we didn´t know how to set up a tent and what it would be like to pack it up again almost every morning. What more can I say, let the adventure begin. I am going to share with you all the places we visited that you shouldn´t miss on your own roadtrip and of course how hard it was to set up a tent, hahaha.

We started the drive up north without knowing where we would spent the day or the night. The first day was pretty unspectacular and mainly spent with food shopping and driving. Unfortunately we arrived at the camping ground in the dark and together with a rain storm. We quickly decided it was not the right time to figure out how to set up a tent and we all slept in the car.

For the following days we had booked a Fraser Island tour. Fraser Island is a must do, in my opinion! We had so much fun and met loads of cool people. Our tour guide was very funny and showed us all the major "hotspots". We swam in Lake Mckenzie, Eli Creek and jumped into the champagne pools. We stayed for two whole days, but if you have more time, I ´d say stay for the third day.

When we left the island on the evening of day two we drove to a camping ground in the dark, again.  This time it wasn´t raining and we decided to set up our girl´s wasn´t that hard! The more scary thing were the weird animal sounds around the toilet and because it was night time you couldn´t actually see if their was an animal, maybe right in front of you.
However we got a decent amount of sleep and after a few more nights and a surfing stop in Agnes Water, we passed the Capricorn Coast. I´ve never heard of it before, but it seemed to be a nice place rather unkown in the backpacker scene. This time we opted for a real camping ground (not just a parking area next to some highway). It was super nice and we were beyond happy to have showers cleaner than the once in some hostels. The Highlight however was our day trip to Great Keppel Island. Again I didn´t even know anything about this island before we came. We had only been told about all the popular once like Magnetic Island and the Whitsunday´s. It was really nice to not be surrounded by loads of other european travellers for once. Great Keppel Island is just like a paradise island. The water had this amazing color and we almost had the beach for ourselves. I believe there was one resort (not sure if only one) on the island for those who wanted to stay other night and to be able to get some food.

We left at the same day and made our way up north to Airlie Beach. Excited to stay in a hostel again for the next three nights, we mainly spent the day walking around the streets of the little town or relaxing by the pool. I really really enjoyed Airlie Beach, it is a cute town, but most people like us come here to visit the Whitsunday´s. The Whitsunday Islands were one of my personal Australia highlights. We went on two day tours. The first was on a rather big ship to the Outer Great Barrier Reef where we went snorkeling and all that stuff and the second one was on a catamaran. We visited Whitehaven Beach, went snorkeling again and just enjoyed laying in the sun on the catamaran with all the beautiful islands around us. I think I was the happiest person on earth (in that moment).

Our last major stop on this roadtrip was Cairns, where we stayed three more nights before we flew to Asia. If you want to know more about what we did in Cairns, I am happy to write more about it in another post, but for now enjoy your weekend! Have you been to the Whitsunday´s yet? Or are you planning a roadtrip at the moment? I would love to know in the comments below.

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  1. That sounds like a fabulous road trip! I agree that animal noises are the worst when tenting, I usually carry earplugs so I can sleep. Those beaches look so beautiful, I would have been stopping the car all the time!

    1. We heard the animals when we went to look for the bathrooms, so we couldn´t put earplugs in;) It was a bit scary. Yeah, Australia is so beautiful.

  2. love the fact that it's a beautiful place or places that you went to. Meeting new people is always cool too. That completes the whole experience. Great!

    1. Yes, the whole travel experience depends so much on the people you are travelling with.

  3. What a wonderful trip. Australia is definitely on my bucket list and as always your pictures are magnificent! You've got a great eye, Arv!

  4. Sorry, I major typo above, I meant to type Ara! Sorry!

  5. I absolutely love these photos! Absolutely gorgeous. I would loooove to travel here ASAP!

    xo, Tay (