Hello World!!!

Hello World!!!
I am an absolut TravelLover.

After my exchange year to the US I decided to go abroad again after school. Based in Europe I travel around the world always looking for new adventures....so Welcome to my travel Blog!

Travelling- it leaves you speechless then turns you into a story teller (Ibn Battuta)..and I just love it.I went abroad for one year during high school and after that I wanted to keep travelling and most important get to know new cultures, people and amazing places. Well as a lot of you probably do, I love travelling and going on vacation. After I finished high school I decided to fulfill one of my big dreams and travel through Australia. You know how some people would say travelling instead of going to uni is waisting your time. No, you are never waisting your time when you go travelling, from my point of view. In fact it is one of the best ways to spend your time. Most of the time you learn a lot more by spending time abroad than in school or uni. (Now, I am not saying give up school and uni!!!)But if you have the chance go and see how amazing this world can be. Travelling is kind of learning by doing. You learn for life and you grow as a person. Maybe you will be lost sometimes and discover yourself again. Find out who you really are. Do what makes you happy and not what society wants you to do. I think especially in today's world you need to remember how amazing life is, don't get stucked living one other's life. For me,travelling often helps me to remember that our earth is actually pretty beautiful and that we should be thankful for it. On the other side it also shows me how origin, culture and skin color don't matter. We are all human! Diversity by different cultures, languages, origin...I think it is one of the greatest strength from all of us and I hope people will realize that soon. Wouldn't it be super boring if we'd all speak the same language and would look exactly the same way???

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