Reunited in Bali

Last year I went to Australia for a couple of months. I worked as an Au pair in New South Wales and afterwards I travelled up the East Coast. I  met some amazing people during my journey through Australia and now I flew to Indonesia to travel with one of them again. We met up at Bali's airport last week. I was super exhausted after my long flight and my skiing vacation the week before and just wanted to go to bed, but getting to the hotel wasn't  as easy as we thought it would be. It seemed like every person turned into a taxi driver and everyone of them seemed  to have the best fee which was actually over-priced and most of the times the driver didn't look very thrustfully. My friend's flight from Australia arrived around 1am and we finally  made it to the Hotel in the early morning hours. Granted that the hotel is just a couple of kilometers away from the airport it took us quiet a while. First we tried to find a taxi from a serious company which turned out to be very difficult, especially when everyone is talking  to you trying to get you into his taxi. We gave it up after a while and found another backpacker who ordered an uber and decided  to go together. Well, the uber never turned up or at least not where we expected  it. Finally we went back into the airport and found two other backpackers who wanted to go to the same city and already ordered a taxi or whatever over an app. We felt safe around them and decided to wait for their taxi. After a few missunderstandings about the pick up point from the taxi  driver, all four of us finally made it to the hotel.
You can imagen what our next day looked  like ...."Eat.Sleep.Repeat."

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