One Love, London calling!

I know I am late to write about this, but I just wanted to let some time pass and think about it.

Last weekend I went to London for three days and I had an amazing time. I love that city, always have and always will. This time, my friend and I actually more or less just came to go to a concert and do some shopping, but of course we also visited the major spots of the city (and I think you can say we had a blast). The reason we went to the concert is quiet..funny or maybe weird. We had met the singer in Sydney, Australia, last year. None of us is a dramatically huge fan. He was just someone you listen to on the radio from time to time, but when we met him I got really excited. I ´ve never met a famous person before. We took pictures and talked about it for days afterwards, listened to his music...Well basically a few months later we thought, maybe we should actually go to a concert. We managed to get tickets and flew to London and I am soooo glad we did. It was an amazing feeling standing in an sold out arena in the middle of London which I won´t forget. It was my first real concert and I am definitely looking forward to go to a lot more!
On Saturday then, our last day, we spent a lot of time at the London Bridge. We sat down between London & Tower Bridge for breakfast having a great time, walked over the London Bridge and enjoyed the views, before something terrible happened again that night. We were on our way home from the airport when we heard about the terrorist attack that had happened at the London Bridge. I couldn´t believe it. Why do people do such things and destroy innocent lifes. I feel real sorry for everyone affected. My friend and I were lucky that we left the London Bridge a couple of hours before. It was a strange feeling that evening, but we still miss London and both really wanna go back. I think the most important thing is to not be scared and to keep enjoying concerts, festivals and city trips. Believe in the good!Never let go of hope!


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