It´s about the people

One amazing thing about travelling are the people you meet along the way, Travelmates, Locals, Hostfamilies....Friends. Its the people that make a journey so special and sometimes those people find a special place in your heart.
My australian hostfamily will always have such a special place in my heart even though I wasn´t able to stay with them for very long, I felt at home at their place and my hostmum became a person I know I can talk to about everything. It once again showed it is not about the amount of time you spent with someone that defines your relation. You can become close friends with a travelmate in a week and spent years with someone at school you still don´t really know at graduation day.
Well, I am happy I am still in touch with my hostfamily and last week I was lucky enough to get to see them again while beeing in England. It was very spontaneous, but sometimes those are the best trips, right? I was visiting together with their other au-pair which I already had become good friends with during her visit in Australia.
Sometimes it amazes me how easy it can be to get to know someone if you are a little open. Of course I don´t become good friends  with everyone I meet "on the road" but I nearly never meet someone who I hate or so. You have to keep in mind culture and background and language are different which can sometimes lead to missunderstandings, but most of the times they can easily be solved by simple explanations. Just try to be open-minded! Don´t judge someone, before you even get to know the person. They are probably pretty amazing people and you may end up becoming close friends, who knows.
I definitely made some close friends while travelling including my hostfamily. It was sooo lovely to see them again and spent some time with the kids!!



  1. I agree! ;)

  2. It's so good that you have stayed in touch with your host family. :)

    I have a host family from Japan and I am still in contact with them 15 after I stayed with them. My host sisters even came to the UK for my wedding. :)

    1. wow, 15 years that is amazing and so cool that they came to your wedding;)