Away from the Beach

We stayed in Kuta for "soooo" long that we decided one morning we had enough from the beach (just kidding ... you can never have enough from the beach, right?) and decided to go more inland. Next stop...Ubud!! Ubud is known as Bali´s cultural center and luckily we stayed in a lovely Airbnb right in that center. In my opinion, if you go to Ubud it is way more fun to stay at an Airbnb or a Guesthouse instead of a hotel. The family where we were staying was super nice and helped us a lot. Ubud is really different to what we expierenced in Kuta, but still it is an area with a lot of tourists. So, if you wanna go somewhere - only you and the nature - you´d probably have to go more inland.

During our time in Ubud we discovered the little shops, cute restaurants and cafes as well as the surrounding nature. We often took the bike to go somewhere which again was a little adventure with all the traffic (same as in Kuta), but we managed it and it was quite fun. The first time we drove to a temple. I know they are almost everywhere on Bali and some friends told me in advance, ,"you have to visit a lot of temples, because they are so beautiful". To be honest, I think we really only made it to two temples during our whole time on Bali. I feel like we had to cancel a lot of our plans, somehow it was harder to get around and everything then we thought it would be,so that is probably one of the reasons we "only" visited two. I would definitly recommand visiting Tannah Lot. It is quite cool, beause you can only walk to the temple during low tide and it seems like the temple is in the ocean.

The other day, when we took the bikes, we went to the rice fields. It was super cool cycling through them and enjoying the views. At first the weather was a little challenging, so after the rice fields we decided to reward ourselfes with an iced coffee which we actually did quite often, like every day!

Our days in Ubud went by quick and it was time for a last sunset over the Indian Oceam before heading back home!

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