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I reserved this page to try to explain why I decided to start this blog.

On the one side, of course, because I love travelling and thought it would be nice to share my experiences and adventures with you. I loved writing a blog during my exchange year, so why not keep up with it? It is just fun to write about all my trips and it is a good way to keep everybody at home informed....but you will find more about that on my first post.

On the other side, I have the feeling the world is going crazy at the moment. When I went to the US last summer for a couple of weeks, I heard about the "police shootings" and everything, I realized there are still a lot of people treated unfairly in this world, because of skin colour, culture or religious background. Terrorist acts kept happening. I once read a blogpost from a french exchange student who talked about one of the terrorist acts in Paris. She was spending her exchange year/months in sunny Australia when she heard about what happened back home and that her sister got shot during the terrorist act. I thought she was very brave to write about it on her blog. It made me so sad and I kept asking myself (still do), "Why? Why do people do such things? What´s the point in killing innocent people?"
We are all human. We are all to be treated the same. We all live together on this beautiful planet and there is absolutely NO point in fighting against each other, judging each other by skin colour or religion and neither in building walls between countries.
Travelling often shows me how important it is to respect different cultures, different religions and social backgrounds. Diversity is actually a strength and with this blog I hope I can help people realize this, at least a little bit.

So, this is not going to be a blog where I tell you how to pack your suitcase right and what all to take on a 4 week safari through Africa. It is more going to be about the journey itself and the people along the way.


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