The busy streets of Kuta

After recovering in our hotel after our  long  journey and our taxi adventure we went out to discover Bali. Now I  am gonna be honest, I was a little shocked. Let's say I had a little culture shock. I don't know why l expected it to be even more "western" and european like. The traffic, the people sitting right next to the street, the food,.... everything just seemed extremly different to what I know from home or other trips. You probably think, well of course it is different, and of course you are right. I guess it was just all a lot to take in at first, but after two days I got kind of used to it and I actually quiet like it now. The difference between countries and their culture is what makes it so exciting. We can now "easily" find our way through Kuta's busy streets to our favourite restaurant or the beach and often I really enjoy just looking around trying to take everything in. Me and my friend went to Kuta Beach a couple of times now. Most of the times we walked, the first time was a little scary. There are so so so many motorbikes and cars and taxis... and by many I mean loads, sometimes we struggled to cross the streets and a walk that should normally take 30 minutes turned into an over an hour marathon trying not to get hit by a bike, but we made it! (Turned out there is an easier way to get to the city which we took on our way back.) We found out that the Beach Mall (Kuta Beachwalk) has some of our favourite shops, tried some good and some not so good food, went surfing, watched the sunset and saw the stars raise over the Indian Ocean. I can now say that I swam in all "3 Oceans" (which has been on my life goals/ bucket list for a while) and we will move on to our next destination on Bali soon.

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