Having no regrets

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It´s that time of the year again! Everyone is applying for college or uni,starting an apprentinceship, doing a long-term internship and I just ask myself what am I gonna do? Does anyone else have this decision problems? Or is it just me?
After I finished school or maybe even already during senior year I used to know exactly what I wanted to study after my gap year. Well turns out travelling makes you see your decisions from a different point of view which is a good thing I guess. I still applied for university and everything, but deep inside I wasn´t sure if it´s right anymore. I know I was right deep inside when the unis said they couldn´t take me this year because of to many applicants. Of course I could still have applied to other universities, but it just didn´t feel right. I wasn´t sure about what to study anymore, what I want in general. It´s kind of true what they say "You are not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world". There is more to life than beeing a Top-Manager and driving fancy cars. There are so many places to visit. There are so many cultures waiting to inspire you. There are so many people waiting to be met. So why not go and visit all the places, get inspired and have an open-mind towards peole from all over the world? Right, there is no reason why not. I want to
encourage everyone to follow their dreams. If you dream of riding camels thru the desert or visiting the Rocky Mountains or whatever it is, go for it...Safe up your money, work for it and just do it. There is no reason why not.

I finally got my mind straight and decided to go for it, keep travelling and spending time abroad for another year (at least,hahaha) I am gonna start it off by moving to the UK as an au-pair which I am super excited about.



  1. Wow! Ich denke das ist die beste Entscheidung für die nächste Seite deines Lebensbuches �� Toitoitoi �� Have a good one ✌��

  2. Wow, what a great decision and I'm happy that you are doing what you want to do at this time!
    Have a lovely day :)
    Rosanna x