Don´t stress out.

I am that kind of person who thinks to much from time to time and starts worrying about silly little things. When I talked to my friends about it we came up with the conclution that "over-thinking" is a "girls-problem". Now I don´t know if it is only a girls problem or if guys do it too, but I am pretty sure most girls can relate to it. But why, why do we worry so much about little things which are so unimportant if you see the whole? Nothing is ever gonna be perfect that is just life, but if we do the best we can we don´t have to worry about perfect. We shouldn´t aim to be perfect because we are not made to be perfect. We are human.

Since I moved to London I realized I am stressing myself out about little things because I want to make it good like almost perfect. I know that it doesn´t have to be like that, but I want to do a good job . I start thinking to much about what could go wrong and stress out.
So this weekend I went into Kikki.K at some point and saw all those beautiful notebooks and diaries with inspiring quotes. I said to myself, they are right, just do the best you can and it is gonna be alright. It is definitely easier said then done, but it is so true. Sometimes things happen and you can´t change it. Then it is important to get back up again, learn from it and remind yourself, there is no such thing as perfection in everything.


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