First days in London

It´s been a while since the last post and I arrived days ago here we go..
I decided to open up this new category for my London adventures. Yes, I moved to London and so far I am loving it. Like the days right before a big trip the first days in a new country are busy too. Everything is super exciting, new people, foreign language, different food... the list goes on and on. You know what I mean.

After a 3 hours delay I finally arrived at my "new home" for the next few months. The family I am staying with is super lovely,you feel very welcome. The first days were all about getting to know each other and working out where things are. I am slowly getting the hang of it,but it is just been a little over a week, so I try not to be to hard on myself if things don't exactly  work out the way I want to. It is ok I will learn it like driving on the left side of the road which is bizarre for me coming from the continent.

On the weekend I ,of course, went into London to enjoy the city life, try some of the "different " food and take a stroll down Oxford Street.
Cheers to loads of shopping trips to come!!

I hope you are all having an awesome week so far. Enjoy it.


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