Activities I enjoy while travelling, but not at home.

Over the past few years I went on quite a few trips and discovered some things I fell in love with, but it is just not possible to do them at home. In one way I think that´s great, because it keeps them special. Nevertheless I still miss those travel activities every now and then at home.

During my time in Australia I started to learn how to surf (well let´s say I tried) and I had so much fun. It just made me happy. I did it a few times while travelling up the East Coast and during vacation in Indonesia.

When travelling with my friends we often turn into foodies and sometimes we could go out to eat three or four times a day. I really enjoy sitting down in a cafe for morning or afternoon tea and take in all the different surroundings. Something I hardly ever do at home.

The next "activity" I got pretty used to in Australia or whenever there is a beach and some sunshine nearby...sleeping on the beach during the day. It is honestly the most relaxing thing you can do. BUT I am not always lazy during my tavels. In Austria and basically every country around the alps. I love to stay active and do different outdoor activities like hiking or riding. The nature there is unbelievable beautiful.

Well, Let´s face it, there are no mountains and no beaches around where I live, so they are gonna stay my "travel activities".

Do you have any activities you only do while travelling?

Hope you are all having a fabulous week!!

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