United in the love for music

Almost everyone listens to some kind of music throughout the day. Personally I don´t know what I would do without it. It puts me in a better mood when I get ready in the morning still half asleep
(Isn´t it so hard to get up sometimes?) or helps me relax after a stressful day. Music has a lot of power and can reach a lot of people, it connects people in a special way. Probably everyone who has been to any kind of concert can agree with this. Music unites people. Even though, when you are standing in a stadium full of people or maybe just a small theater, everyone is different, but united in the love for the music.

The same often goes for sport events. Especially "Charity Runs" and "Charity Concerts" show the overwhelming power of sport and music. I think they are just awesome and there should be more of them all around the world. Earlier I watched parts of Martin Garrix show at Tomorrowland this year and saw someone holding a flag/banner in the camera saying " Music will save the World". It made me smile and I started thinking about it. Music can certainly be a help. What do you think?

It is truly sad to see how concerts become something people are afraid to go to because of several brutal acts of terrorism. What happened in France and England is horrible.
But if we would all stop going out to concerts, soccer games...things that can have such a positive impact and bring us closer together, then we would let terrorism win. Don´t think about what could potentially happen, rather come up with ideas how you can make tis world a safer place again.

I know it´s easier said than done, but give it a try.