Hippy town on Australia´s east coast, Byron Bay !

After an incredible time in Sydney, my favorite city on earth, the time came to say, see you later and
there we went leaving our beloved "home" in Australia behind.
In case you are wondering, no we didn´t fly home, not yet. Leaving Sydney behind was sad, but because we knew we have an amazing trip planned up the East Coast, it wasn´t to sad. My friend and I went on our first ever Greyhound journey and I have to say it was quiet comfortable except for some miner, well..let´s talk about that later.
The first drive was from Sydney to Byron Bay overnight. We were super tired when we arrived, but luckily our hostel had a pick-up service who got all the people from the Coach station, showed them around in town and dropped them at the hostel. Our hostel was Backpackers Holiday Village and it was super fun to stay there. We had a little apartment with two other girls. The hostel has various different types of accommodation and as backpacker or student I would highly recommend to stay in a hostel, it makes it way easier to get to know new people.

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Byron Bay is a very small hippy like town. It is super relaxed and laid-back, totally different to Sydney. I found it quiet cute and there is always something going on. Maybe it is not the best place for a family vacation, but it is a great place for backpackers and students and I have to say there are lots of them.

We stayed here for about 4 days. A good amount of our time was spent at the beach or in surf and souvenir shops. Along the main roads are various different shops where you can buy beach stuff or souvenirs, often jewelry related. Although it is very easy to find a nice café to chill or a bar for a refreshing cocktail. Only be aware of all the "travel shop people" trying to sell you tours. We actually booked one tour. One afternoon we went on this amazing kayaking tour to see dolphins.  It was stunning! I believe the tour was about 1.5 hours long and we got to see so many dolphins, some came up really close to the kayaks. Afterwards we just run into the ocean and enjoyed life. It was almost like one of those perfect days.

Then on our last day we woke up super super early to see the sunrise from the most easterly point of the Australian mainland. I think you can´t leave Byron Bay without seeing the sunrise above the sea. The Lighthouse is a famous spot to watch the sun rise over the ocean. Unfortunately on the East Coast you can only see the sunrise above the sea, well it makes sense, but you have to get up early for it. Trust me, it is worth it. ;)

Another thing you shouldn´t miss out on in Byron is surfing. Now, I am a beginner in surfing, but it seems like it is a great spot for the watersport. Before we had to catch the greyhound to get to our next destination, we took two surfboards and just went for it. It was so much fun. We both absolutely loved it.( You don´t have to be a pro to enjoy surfing :)) I had two or three lessons in Sydney and fell in love with it.

If you have more time in Byron Bay you could fit in a day trip to Nimbin as well.

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  1. That sunrise is absolutely gorgeous! I've never woken up early enough to see a sunrise haha!
    Aleeha xXx

    1. I hate getting up early, but it is worth it for some sunrises:)

  2. Byron Bay looks awesome! The beach is stunning! C x


  3. It looks absolutely gorgeous there, that sunrise is stunning. :-)

  4. I hear so many great things about Byron. Need to make a trip up north one day to check it out. Great post KiAra :)

    1. Thank you, yes you should definitely check Byron Bay out:)

  5. My son worked in a hostel in Byron Bay a few years ago and loved it there. I went there for about 10 days and even though I'm not a hippy or backpacker (although maybe I should be), loved it too :) Enjoyed your post - it brought back some great memories.