Standing in a Hall of Fame

It´s been a while, I know, but I kind of have an explanation for that. I moved like 800km away from home and started with Uni which made up more of a challenge for me then I thought. I love travelling and except for that one time, I am not a huge homesickness person, but moving out is not travelling and homesickness hit me hard combined with Uni stress and not knowing anyone, it didn´t make up for a great combination, but really that is a story for another day.

Since I last wrote about Paris, I thought I need to continue that “story”. Check out my previous post about Paris, if you want to know about the whole trip.

Well the whole reason for that trip was a concert in London. I know what you may think, why do you travel to Paris in order to go to a concert in London, but to me it made perfect sense. I really wanted to visit Paris and I wanted to take the Eurostar for a long time, so perfect combination.

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The concert was by The Script and Ella Eyre. It was my second real concert and I probably would have never thought about going to a concert from The Script if a friend of mine wasn´t a fan. The only two songs I knew where Hall of Fame and Superheroes, which I absolutely love, but honestly I didn´t even realize they are from The Script, until she told me. Then she also showed me their new album Freedom Child. From that point on, I listened to their songs everywhere. I think they connect to the world how it is right now and there is a song for almost every feeling on the album. Did you listen to it yet?

The concert was at the O2 Arena and we were super lucky with our tickets. Our seats where the first once after the stage and  I can tell you it wasn´t the worst view. Ella was already singing when we came. She put the whole arena in a good mood while the excitement for the main act grew. The Script started with a spectacular intro in the middle of the arena. The whole show was pretty spectacular I thought, but not because of the special effects or lighting more because of how they interacted with the crowd, with their fans.  They even went into the crowd (like really into the crowd) to play some songs. It was amazing.

They gave me this special feeling of knowing how it is to go thru hard times and that it will be alright. That feeling that you can achieve everything you want to if you work hard enough for it. That feeling that everyone is special in their own way and we are all stars. That feeling of not letting anyone take your freedom. I believe “That” feeling was, what made the show and them as a band special. I am very thankful for that concert and that they always remind me hard times will turn into good times and only make you stronger. If you are feeling down I suggest you go and listen to one of their songs right now. Remember we are all going thru though times and it will get better. Don´t care to much about what others think about your behavior, your outfit, your interests…be yourself, it is alright and in the end you are going to stand in a hall of fame.

I hope you all have a fantastic start of the week, and remember you are special!!


  1. Sounds like it was a fab concert. I always say that music is one of the most remarkable things in this world. Songs can have a huge effect on us and if we just listen to the words, there's something to be learned in every song. Good and bad!

  2. What a great concert to go to!
    And music, and songs, can really speak to us at times!

  3. Woooah what amazing seats! You must have had SUCH a good concert! I've only ever seen things from a zillion miles back at the O2, so I think the experience was a bit different!!

    Good luck with Uni as well. I hope you are all settled in now.